23.07.2019 Home, Chittagong, Bangladesh.   You know how you sometimes feel that extreme urge to write something but when you get down to it, you just don’t know what to write or where to even begin? It’s one of those days today. In fact, most of my days are those kind of days. But I […]


boundaries. as the two children on the cycle stopped midway to very evidently stare at my colorful glory, i wondered, when was the last time i stopped in my tracks to shamelessly stare at someone without the fear of the embarrassment that came with being noticed? when did i stop jumping at the sight of […]

The Candy Man

The old man put the lollipop in the pocket of his coat and locked his shop. The head of the lollipop was emerging from the pocket as he walked, displaying the wonderful amalgamation of the brightest colors, giving off the sweetest and the most delicious aroma of candy. It caught the eye of the passerby; […]


You know how they say that the saddest people smile the brightest? They’re not lying.   She wasn’t really fond of posing for photographs, but she did end up in many. And each photo that she appeared in was marked by her unique smile, the kind that showed her teeth and gums; the kind of […]